Friday, 21 July 2017

Black Jack - a local connection

It turns out that my friend and local boat builder Greg was responsible for the lovely gaffer Black Jack spotted recently down at Studland.

Greg confirms that she is, as I suspected a Morecombe Bay Prawner, the hull was moulded by Eric Berqvist, who also moulded the Memory which Greg later built at his Salterns yard and the diminutive Winkle Brigs. The moulds were taken from an old motor prawner "Sir William Priestly",

Apparently the mouldings were twisted in the counter so Greg undertook an extensive rebuild having purchased the stripped out the GRP hull and deck from the now long gone Classic Yachts Ltd at the Triangle Boatyard in Bittern. It needed some massive reinforcing with new bulkheads, frames and deck beams to prevent flexing.

Greg then fitted out Black Jack work boat style with an iroko coach roof and internal t&g interior.

Black Jack was fitted with "inherited" sails and spars but as a result was under canvassed, which combined with the shallow draft didn't sail that well.

All that took place about 30 years ago, she was sold to help pay for his studies at the local Warsash college. Black Jack has been since sailed extensively including the channel islands and a spell in Wales before coming back to the Solent and her current home in Keyhaven.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Thames Stroll

My meeting finished at lunch time so I took the opportunity to walk back to the office along the Thames from London Bridge.

I remember going to the London Planetarium as a young child, probably early 1960's the stars were projected above the then London skyline, very different to what we see now with all the high rise additions.

HMS Belfast looking imposing as ever.

It was a good day for boat spotting with this barge alongside the London Bridge pier

The ever changing face of London from the river, church spires used to dominate the skyline, there are still a couple hidden in there.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Local vernacular

Interesting clash of architectural styles are going up in Lymington. These waterfront flats couldn't be more diverse; contemporary brick, mixing with Miami cruise ship, alongside traditional pitched roof with added carbuncle (for want of a better description).

Lucky our local planners are doing such a good job maintaining the spirit and local character,  just think what might have been built.

Monday, 10 July 2017

All secure

I've tried repeatedly to find this in the Ashley Book of Knots but to no avail.

Not sure that it follows conventional dock line etiquette which I've always understood that if some one is already secured, the newcomer should pass their lines underneath and either make a bowline or secure back to the boat.

Friday, 7 July 2017

More Solent Pirates

Spotted down at Lyminghton quay, perhaps smuggling in a load of home brew from the Isle of Wight, while the crew of the Black Puffin stands by ready to escape the revenue.

A close up of the altogether hardy and salty looking crew.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Some boats

Spotted along the Hamble, this grey beast is a bit hard to see - I was taking the photo from the far bank while cycling, must get a closer look when I'm rowing if it's still there.

Classic folk boat on classic colours - doesn't really get much better.

A First 210 like Matilda Emilie, I checked the axis of the picture, the post is absolutely vertical but the boat still appears to be sloping down towards the bow, clearly a camera angle problem.

This ketch is really nice and very well kept.

An old favourite Harrison Butler Yonne, looking fantastic as always.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Ice Warning

You all knew the recent sunny, summer weather wouldn't last,  Eastleigh council did, and they kindly put up these ice warnings.

Clearly no one would be dumb enough to waste money putting up a sign when we only get below freezing a couple of days a year  - would they?